Where it all started.
The old falcon plant in Mississauga, Ontario, 1991

Established in the early 1990s,
Falcon Cues found its home in Mississauga,
Ontario, Canada.
For the next 15 years,
Falcon dedicated its time to the production of professional quality billiard cues with the best grade of wood and technologies available. The result is a brand of cues that is known for its solid construction, classic designs and affordable pricing. Over the years, many of the worlds' greatest names in billiards shared their victories with a Falcon cue and proved the brand's true characteristics. In the year 2016, the brand continued to improve its craftsmanship and design by introducing many new product line ups which incorporated our new philosophy and characteristics. We aim to build professional level billiard equipment that all players can afford.

Falcon believes that all players should have access to the best equipment to start their billiard games anywhere on the globe. Therefore, we aim to expand our dealer networks globally to ensure that every player has a chance to play with a Falcon cue.