The brand new Falcon TNT3 jump/break cue series is back with a brand new look! This time the Falcon design team wants you to grab all the attention of the people playing around you! The new TNT3 comes in matte black, white, fluorescent green and red as its base colors. It is branded with the TNT3 mark in carbon fiber pattern fonts! The black and white contrast creates a bold statement in appearance and the new Nanotech wrap guides you where to hold the cue for the best hit! The tip of the TNT3 consists of three layers. The first layer is a super hard wild boar skin, the second layer is a special fiber material that absorbs the impact of the first layer and softens the impact that is transferred onto the third layer, the phenolic ferrule. This improves hit feel and strength. The diameter of the shafts and butt of the TNT3 have also been slightly adjusted for more power and control.